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Pathways Support Centre

Promoting your emotional well being

Session 1                                                                          

What stress is

What causes stress

How stress affects you

What keeps stress going

Lifestyle changes that can help

First steps in dealing with stress

Session 2

The impact stress has on our behaviour

Identifying the things you have been avoiding

How to combat avoidance and under activity

Strategies to help when you do too much

Stress Programme

The aim of this workshop is to help you learn more about stress and the steps which can be taken to help reduce the impact it can have on your life if left unchecked.

Session 3   

How stress affects our thinking

How to identify unhelpful thoughts and

Negative styles of thinking

How to challenge unhelpful thoughts

Session 4

Problem solving and staying well

You can now recognise when your

Behaviour and thinking is unhelpful and notice any bodily symptoms associated with stress