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Powerful words from our Patron - Ian McMillan

I’m proud to be the Patron of the Pathways Centre; it’s a place that’s sadly needed more and more and a centre that is vital to the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health of the people of Barnsley.

I’m often asked to be a patron or a supporter of organisations locally and nationally, and to be honest a lot of them are to do with writing and literacy. Pathways is different and yet a lot of the work here is to do with words and the way that abusers and the abused can use (and abuse) words.

Hit. Slap. Smack. Taunt. Torment. Bully. Kick. Cry. Scream. Push. Trip. Stare. Point. Small words, short words that are easy to say but which mean so much in so many different and terrible ways.

Here are a few more short words: Help. Cash. Dosh. Coin. Note. Cheque. Time. That’s what we need here at Pathways. Small words with big meanings.

Let’s face it, Domestic Violence isn’t a headline-grabber. It’s not a natural disaster, it’s not a famine or an earthquake. And yet, in some ways, it is. It’s an unnatural disaster. It’s a famine of feeling, where people are hungry for love or a kind word, and it’s an earthquake of terror in a house down your street, across your road.

So we need your help. We need your money, and your support, and we need you to know that places like Pathways are, as I said at the start, vital. And, not counting these words that I’m writing now, I’ve just written 251 words. And I wish that each of these words could get the Pathways Centre a thousand pounds. Then I’d be happy. Because no matter how important or pretty or powerful these words are, they aren’t enough. Pathways needs the money, or it won’t exist. And you know what happens without a pathway. You get lost. Really lost.

Ian McMillan